New Years 2015 Photo!


As of January 2015, we have three full-time members working on our team, with several others helping out from time to time.


Austin Walters, Co-Founder


Austin is an avid blog writer, software engineer, and (soon to be) University of Illinois graduate in computer science. He has conducted research in the field of computer vision in Tim Bretl’s research group, has developed automated testing software for Capital One (where he won the internship competition), and is currently building an automated video editor tool for Caterpillar.

In the past, Robert and Austin have converted Model M terminal keyboards to USB compatible versions (a small business they ran) and worked on an example web server written entirely in Go.

Austin is currently CEO and softward lead of Synaptitude.


Robert Seaton, Co-Founder

robb-seatonRobb loves data and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to sift through it. When he is not writing articles for his moderately popular tech blog and Top Financial Advisor, you’ll often catch him writing a new web page, or soldering together some custom computer parts.

In 2011, he completed Google Summer of Code, working on Gentoo (a linux distribution), porting Plan 9. Since then, he has worked on several side projects with Austin, toyed with building a new torrent client, created his own WordPress theme, and has been spending much of his time writing.

Robb currently our go to analytics guru for Synaptitude.


Jennifer Walters, Co-Founder

jenny-kokkinesJenny is the neuroscience expert of our team. Her degree is in neuroscience from the University of Illinois, and she has conducted research with Dr. Rhanor Gillette, since 2013. Her past research was investigating the origins of social interaction, and what physiology or emotional state causes them to form. She has created simulations of simplistic animals, as well as creating/programming robot representing a sea slug she calls Queequeg.

In the past, Jenny has worked in a genetic soybean laboratory, and is currently exploring new methods/techniques Synaptitude can employ.

Jenny is currently the lead researcher for Synaptitude.


Cole Gleason, Notable Contributions

cole-gleasonCole was originally one of our team, but has since decided to pursue graduate school in computer science. He helps out from time-to-time, and has been great to bounce ideas off of, as well as introducing the team to new contacts.

Vincent Chang, Notable Contributions

Vincent head shot

Vincent has been awesome! He has worked with us on a lot of design work, and often has worked for free when we cannot afford him. He has helped us immensely and I recommend him for design work.