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AlphaBKZ: Neurofeedback to Improve Focus

Back Story According to the CDC one in twenty children have ADHD[1], but lets face it all of us could use some focus. For example, as I am writing this I have glanced over at my cat two to three times (and it’s only the second sentence)! The current treatments to ADHD (from webMD)[2]: Amphetamine: Aderoll, Dexedrine, Vyvanse Methylphenidate: Focalin, Ritalin, Methylin Nonstimulants: Strattera, Intuniv Antidepressants: Wellbutrin, Tofranil, Aventyl Blood Pressure: Clonidine, Tenex Behavioral Therapy Notice, most of the above are different forms of.. Read More

Introducing AlphaBKZ for Business

What do people actually think about your product? There is no need to sell a book no one will buy, or (on the other hand) not sell a book everyone will love! Prior to spending millions on an ad campaign no one understands, spend a small amount of money and determine if your ads will be effective. Even if you think you have the best book, movie, lecture, advertisement or product in.. Read More