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Smooth Face Tracking with OpenCV

Many of the applications Synaptitude use something called face detection and gaze detection or eye detection. Essentially, our applications track your face, and where you are looking. A decade or two ago this was on the cutting edge of what was possible, however as technology and science improve, it has become increasingly easy to implement and use. Today, virtually any application can have face detection embedded inside. In many cases, it only takes a few simple.. Read More

Treating ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression Survey Results

There is a fair amount of data related to treating ADHD, anxiety and depression. However, much of it lacks how effective treatments are, and more importantly how people feel about alternative treatments. Thus, we decided to conduct our own survey. The results of which will be posted here and updated periodically. To fill out the survey, click here. Results not yet prepared! The results are coming soon!

Y Combinator Rejection Email, S15 Batch

Several weeks ago Synaptitude was invited to interview with Y Combinator, the premier startup accelerator in the world. Unfortunately, after our interview they decided not to fund us for the summer 2015 batch. However, all is not lost! They genuinely seemed interested in our idea, and to be honest our team was encouraged, even excited. We were the youngest team we met while in Mountain View, and we did not anticipate.. Read More