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Weekly Demo: Brainwave Data on Demand

Week #1 Most of you don’t know, but recently we purchased the domain: ThinkSuite.io – designed to the web interface between you and your brain. The website is still in an active development state, with a test Stripe environment, some fake users, etc. So feel free to send us recommendations, just don’t expect any of your data to persist. Todays demo is the new API endpoint “/api/v1/brainwaves” that we added to ThinkSuite.io. This endpoint enables us to upload brainwaves.. Read More

Announcing The Weekly Demo: From Nothing to A Business

Over the past year, our primary focus has been building prototypes, lots of prototypes. Analyzing EEG signals are quite difficult, this leads to hair pulling, frustrating face palms, and a whole gambit of stress related illnesses. However, we feel we have finally solidified both our analyses, and the underlying libraries which give us the ability to integrate EEG data with all of our prototype applications. Our constant emphasis on iterating quickly has.. Read More

New Logo and Name Design!

Sorry it’s been a while. We have been working hard building applications, and more importantly figuring out how we can best help people with ADHD, anxiety or depression. While we believe all the hard work should pay off soon, we thought it would be nice to spruce stuff up prior to another release. Thus, we have updated the design of our name and logo (apparently the same day as Google)! I.. Read More