Over the past hundred years there has been an unprecedented number of advancements in technology, flight, computing, the internet, the discovery of DNA, space travel, just to name a few. If the past century can be used to predict this upcoming century then we are in for some big advancements.

With this in mind, we believe the largest advancements will come in the areas of robotics, biotech, neuroscience, agriculture, energy and space travel. Synaptitude was created to grow with the 21st century and beyond. We are taking the leading research in neuroscience and biotech and applying it. Truly, we are taking mere ideas, concepts, or theories and applying them to reality.

There is so much research on how we learn, perceive, and interact with our environment. Imagine if we could harness more of ourselves and make ourselves better. That is the goal of Synaptitude. We want to help people learn, grow, increase their perception and help them understand themselves.

Bringing me to Synaptitude’s mission statement:

Synaptitude: Using technology to learn, amplify, and grow.

Learn: Using modern neuroscience to create accurate and affordable brain-computer-interfaces can help teachers, students, parents, and yourself improve knowledge acquisition. With methods such as neurofeedback you can learn about yourself and in turn learn to learn better.

Amplify: With the ever growing set of tools we now have the ability to amplify our strength, but also our perception and minds. From electrically stimulating our brain to increase synapse firing speed to using a cell phone to translate speech from any language. Technology is giving us the ability to amplify every action we take a hundred fold or more.

Grow: Having the ability to learn better and amplify every action we take, we have the ability to grow at an unprecedented rate. Never before in human history can I gain knowledge on how my brain in functioning or how high my blood pressure is. With additional knowledge, we can develop quicker, live longer, and be happier.

Over the past century humanity has created more than we did the previous ten thousand years. Just the first half of the 21st century is expected to be the same way. Synaptitude’s sole purpose is to leverage this technology to help you improve yourself beyond your wildest dreams.