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View Brainwave Data – ThinkSuite.io

Over the past several weeks we have been working pretty diligently to generate meaningful graphics related to brainwave data on ThinkSuite.io. This is actually pretty difficult to do well, but here is the best version of the graphic we came up with. The following is 4 minutes of brainwave data (processed EEG data), collected while Austin was configuring and reading. These waves are correlated with specific thought/mood patterns, and thus.. Read More

Now Accepting Trial Participants

Hello everyone! Good news! Development of ThinkSuite.io (see a recent demo) is moving along quite nicely, and we feel in a few months we will be ready for trials! Essentially, this means we need people to test our software, help us find kinks, and help us improve. If this interests you, please fill out this Google Form! Filling out the form is not a binding contract in any way, and you neither.. Read More

Weekly Demo: Real-Time Face Movement Analysis

Face expression analysis has been possible for the over a decade that is both relatively accurate and even available on mobile. However, tracking face movements in real-time is still fairly challenging, and has plenty of room to improve. With this in mind, because we are already doing plenty of video processing to correct EEG signals, we thought we should also try to improve on face expression analysis. Our first steps were adding a the simplest model.. Read More