We can provide both mental health tracking and neurofeedback training!

Improving Life

Whether you would like to monitor mental health, or optimize your brain

We can help!

Get Affordable Treatment

We provide affordable long term monitoring and treatment.

Real-Time Analytics

Our analytics platform enables real-time viewing of data through the web.

Share with Others

Share analytics on the go, and send reports directly to doctors, or loved ones (with your permission, of course!)

Meet The Team

Meet the people behind our company. They're the backbone to all you see before your eyes. Stalk their social profiles and show some love.

Synaptitude Austin Walters headshot



Austin develops software, and does research in the fields of computer vision and neuroscience. He has work experience in healthcare and finance, and most recently has worked at Capital One, where he worked on Selenium Factory. He contributes to Top Financial Advisor and also writes a tech blog austingwalters.com

Synaptitude Robb Seaton headshot



Robb loves data and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to sift through it. He has worked on Gentoo (a linux distribution), porting Plan 9, during the 2011 Google Summer of Code. He also spends time building websites, most recently Top Financial Advisor and he writes a popular tech blog, rs.io.

Synaptitude Jennifer Kokkines headshot



Jenny is our go-to neuroscience expert. Her undergraduate is an independent study in neuroscience from the University of Illinois. Her work experience ranges from a lab assistant in genetic soybean lab to research for Dr. Rhanor Gillette, simulating simple organisms computationally and in robots.

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